Community Guidelines

The Multilingual Museum is a collaborative project, allowing people from all language backgrounds to talk about the objects, translate for themselves and others, and build a volunteer community.

These are some guidelines to help keep this a safe and positive community for all.

You can translate or contribute however you want.

These are not intended to be professional-level translations, and we hope to capture the diversity of languages. You may not know how to write in your language, or you may mix languages a lot, or you may still be learning – these are all welcome, and we hope this website will let you contribute in your own way. You can also add your own translation even if there’s already one in your language if you like – this lets people compare between them to see the different choices you made translating.

You can also work either on your own or with family or friends to create your contribution. Be creative, we’d love to see what you can do! For more information and support about how, see our FAQ page.

Please don’t comment to correct any ‘mistakes’.

As mentioned, these are not intended to be professional-level translations, and people come from so many different language backgrounds to this community – be aware that they may be heritage speakers who haven’t spoken their language in a long time, they may speak a specific regional variant of a language, or they may still be learning.

Please ensure any comments are to celebrate and encourage them, no matter how they use their language.

Everything will be free to use.

Any contribution uploaded to this website will be automatically put under a Creative Commons 4.0 license, meaning that it will be free for everybody to access and use with attribution, meaning that they will still credit your work.

You will still be able to request that we remove your contribution from the site at a later date under this license, but be aware that we may not be able to control its usage by other parties if they used it before you requested it to be removed.

Please ensure that any images, audio (such as music) or video clips (e.g. of a similar object) used are also free to use, either because you made them yourself or they are available for free use. If you would like some advice about this, you are welcome to ask us.

Your personal data (such as your email address) will stay private and not shared, in accordance with Manchester Museum’s privacy policy.

No hate speech or bringing regional/religious conflict into the comments.

Language can sometimes be an understandably sensitive issue, but it is not allowed to target any particular demographic in a negative way in the comments.

This also means that any contributions or comments in support of any particular movement that might incite conflict may be removed – please do not be offended if this happens. We want to keep this a space where people feel comfortable to be and contribute, whatever their language background, whether they are a minority or a majority.

Please flag any problem comments or spam.

If you see any contributions or comments that are offensive, spam, or that violate our community guidelines, please flag them. We will then be able to deal with them.

If your comment or contribution has been wrongfully flagged and you are worried about the outcome, please get in touch to explain. We deal with these on a case-by-case basis and may need more context.

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